Does Bluehost Backup My Site (Automatic & Frequency)?

So does Bluehost automatically backup my site? Yes, Bluehost customers may take advantage of free backups offered by the company on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In no way are these backups guaranteed. All Bluehost clients are strongly encouraged to make and manage their own backups.

Making weekly backups on your own computer and storing them locally on your home computer or burning them to disk is the most recommended method of protection.

Bluehost Backup Policy

Backups that are redundant or mirrored are not available from Bluehost. Bluehost reserves the right to perform courtesy backups at our discretion.

Any backups that Bluehost performs are in addition to our Terms of Service and are not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. Customer backups should be performed on a regular basis using the cPanel that is supplied.

Bluehost suggests that you keep such backups on your local machine rather than on their servers. Backups are retained for a maximum of 30 days after they are created.

It is the customer’s obligation to download a backup before it is overwritten if the customer desires to save that copy of their data.

Backups older than 30 days will be overwritten with a newer backup, and if the client wants to save that copy of their data, they must download it before it is overwritten.

Bluehost is not liable for failed backups, data loss, or data integrity. For sites larger than 30 gigabytes, Bluehost is unable to generate automated backups.

Using SSH/Shell Access, you may make your own copies. If your account is expired and payment fails, your backups may be permanently destroyed.

Bluehost will not seek to maintain data (including backups) of accounts that have been expired or deleted, and it is the sole obligation of the client to make and keep copies of their data.

Bluehost Backup WordPress Site

Bluehost backup is a very useful feature if you need to keep your site safe.

The prices are $199 annually for backups and restores, but the thing that’s really cool about their service is that they offer a free solution with 14 days of snapshot backups. You can also back up plugins and themes using the panel.

Best Practices: Back up WordPress sites locally to take care of off-site data availability in case something goes wrong with the hosting provider or one’s computer hardware.

The cost for this ranges from one dollar per month on Google Drive or Dropbox, to costing hundreds each year depending on how much data you have stored/backing up at any given time, etc.

Bluehost Backup Database

On Bluehost, you can backup your MySQL database using three approaches.

First, you can backup using the Site Backup and Restore features in the Site Backup Pro Tool. It is important to note here that this is available for Legacy users only.

Second, you may use the phpMyAdmin in the Control panel. You simply login into the cPanel and find the phpMyAdmin icon and click it. This will then give you a list of available databases from which you can choose which ones to update.

Third, if you are a tech-savvy person you can update the database using a command line. You simply write the command and export it to your database.

Bluehost Site Backup Pro

Aside from just backing up data, users may utilize the Bluehost Site Backup Pro tools to recover any file or database they need.

It gives users the option of restoring all databases or a single database. This also applies to files, with consumers being able to recover specific files or directories.

This is useful if only one of their sites was harmed and they don’t want to restore content that was not affected.

Is Bluehost Site Backup Pro worth it?

Yes, The Bluehost site backup Pro is worth it because of the following features:

  1. Automatic Backups: A daily backup copy of a website is created in order to prevent data loss.
  2. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups: Because backup archives are kept for a long, medium, and a short period of time, there is a larger possibility of finding the version you are searching for.
  3. One-click Restore: Files can be restored automatically by overwriting current data with backup copies of the files.
  4. Quick and Easy: There are only three steps to restoring files.
  5. Restore Databases and Tables: MySQL databases may be restored quickly and easily. Individual tables can also be restored by selecting them from the drop-down menu.
  6. Recover Single or Multiple Files: Only the file or files that are required can be recovered quickly.
  7. Download .zip Archives of Files: Downloading file allows consumers to have immediate access to their files when they are offline.

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