Does Bluehost Come With Email (Free, Plans & Hosting)?

Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that provides email services as well. They provide three different service plans, all with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about any overages on your account.

Bluehost also offers 24/7 customer support through live chat or phone calls, so if you ever need help setting up your email accounts or tweaking some settings, they are always there for you.

In this post, we explore the various email plans available for Bluehost customers, and we tell you whether such emails come free of charge.

Does Bluehost Come With Email?

Does Bluehost plan include email? Yes, Bluehost offers free email hosting with its shared hosting plans!

Bluehost Create Email

You may compose emails for a variety of objectives, including sales, customer support, orders, and so on, even if you are a one-person enterprise.

This can create the appearance that your firm is larger than it is, and you can simply assign those email addresses to other employees if you hire for those jobs in the future.

How do I get a Bluehost email address?

The first step is to purchase a domain name. Then create a custom email address using any of the two email hosting providers available for Bluehost customers.

Bluehost Email Plans

You’ll find an easy setup for all of your email needs, tools that are perfect for building professional-looking email templates, and direct integration with popular services like Google Apps.

Setting up group mailing lists is easy too—just segment your contact list by permission level to ensure you only send relevant messages.

All this plus 24/7 support so you never have to worry about getting locked out or being stuck at the office after hours.

Bluehost Free Email

Does Bluehost offer free email? Yes, with any hosting service from Bluehost, you’ll receive a free business email account with your own domain.

Bluehost business email free

The free business email you get at Bluehost can help you contact your clients with a personalized approach. Business emails increase trust compared to using generic mail from companies such as Yahoo or Gmail.

Bluehost Email Hosting Review

Is Bluehost Email good? Yes, the Bluehost email hosting service competes favorably with other players in the field.

This can be attributed to the fact that Bluehost uses two of the best email providers namely Horde and Roundcube.

Also, the fact that the email is provided free to all customers irrespective of the hosting plan they sign up for is a reason why it is worth signing up for it.

FAQs on Bluehost Email Plans

What email does Bluehost use?

Bluehost provides two webmail choices that are incorporated into your account. Email users may pick which webmail client they wish to use between Roundcube and Horde.

The most common webmail client is Roundcube. It has the appearance and feel of an email client but is accessible from within a browser.

Horde isn’t just another webmail client. It’s a set of simple online collaboration tools that includes webmail, a calendar, notes, and tasks.

These added functions, however, have significant limitations. For example, collaborative features only work within Horde, so if you want to share a calendar item or a note with someone else, they must also be using Horde.

Does Bluehost WordPress include email?

Yes, the Bluehost WordPress plan also known as Managed WordPress Hosting comes with a free email. You just need to set it up using either Roundcube or Horde.

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