Best 3D Printer for the Money: Top-rated Reviews

Budgets are always tight, and when buying printers for home or commercial purposes you obviously have to consider the money you have.

The good thing with 3D printers is that there is always one that fits your budget. However, just because a printer is within your budget does not mean it has to be substandard.

It is for this reason that we review the best printers for your budget regardless of whether you are looking for one that falls under $2000, $1000, or even $500

What should I know before buying a 3D Printer?

Before you go for any 3D printer, you should consider the following aspects;

1. The Type of 3D Printers

A person must go to the printer to serve their purpose as various types range from the one specified for kids to the other for money.

2. Price

Although prices mainly depend on the machine output quality, it is always essential that a person consider the machine that they can afford without much financial support.

3. Safety

Your safety when printing is more important. As such, you should consider purchasing a machine that is unlikely to harm the user.

4. Quality

Go for printers that are made of high-quality materials that last for long.

The following categories are recommended as they consider the above features for the best printer.

Best 3D Printers for Home Use

LulzBot Mini 2


We have reviewed and found that LulzBot Mini 2, is an excellent choice for home use due to its ease of use. This machine is available at affordable prices that suit your budget.


This machine’s hardware is open-source, unlike other home user printers that will make your home printing work look amazing.

However, the open frame may be disgusting, although it enhances the flexibility that propitiatory hardware lacks.

Snapmaker 2.0 A350


The solid design Snapmaker 2.0 A350 can provide the best service you would not have to imagine, mainly due to CNC and Laser cutters’ presence that uses similar basic mechanics and technology.


The Snapmaker 2.0 builds on its predecessor’s reputation and features that make it suitable when using at the comfort of your home.

Original PRUSA i3 MK3s


Suppose you are looking for a fast-speed printing machine to avoid workloads even while printing at the comfort of your home.

This printer is more suitable for clients that do not like noise while working with them.


This tool’s open-frame design should not discourage you from going for it; the device comes with powerful enhancement, including filament sensors, bond tech extruders for better performance, ensuring that it remains hard to beat.

Anycubic Photon


You can shop Anycubic Photon at the store around you and experience the best printing results at a low and affordable price.

The photon’s prints are even more detailed than those from the most high-end FDM printer we have ever tested.


While photon is a budget-friendly machine in print performance, it is also not for all customers.

Best 3D Printer Under $500

Artillery Sidewinder X1


Artillery Sidewinder X1 has a quick heating AC- powered print bed and a stable direct drive extruder that allows you to handle flexible filaments with ease.

The machines offer clean and perfect jobs with minimal noise suitable for customers who do not like some noise while working.


Apart from the slick look resulting from the machine’s tidy ribbon cabling, it offers desirable features that that other printers lack and which you will consider adding.

Creality CR-10 V2


Besides the Ender 3s, no other Creality printer has achieved the sustained popularity of the original CR 10.

This machine model has been developed and improved with a dual part cooling fan and cross bearings to minimize print artifact in an upgraded motherboard and firmware.


The modification of CR-10 V2 has made it an excellent round 3D printer that is simple to use and learn.

This machine has a large built volume and produces relatively high-quality prints best for commercial and home purposes.

Original Prusa Mini+


If you are looking for an excellent printer that will save you $ 500 or below, we recommend that you go for Original Prusa Mini+.

The machine has been improved from the Original Prusa i3 MK3S to offer affordable prices that will suit your budget and cater to your need.


In case you are uncomfortable about the sturdiness of the print arm on your machine, following the fact that it sometimes is not strongly supported, you should as this device works just perfectly.

Best 3D Printers for Small Businesses

Ultimaker 3


Ultimaker 3 is one of the famous and latest printers that most business persons are going for. This too delivers a variety of printing improvements as it is designed according to the latest specification.


Many would think this printer is expensive and relatively consume space, but it is the one to be cheer over.

This model has built-in LED lights and a sizeable glass wall on the front that makes it look amazing and beautiful to attract many customers.

MakerBot Replicator+


The machine is highly recommended for small businesses because of its fast and high-resolution printing with improved reliability and quality software that makes you serve your customers faster.


All business dealers should be aware that MakerBot Replicator+ does not support third-party filament which feels slightly outdated.

Instead, the fantastically good printer is designed to fit the latest technology and the growing demand for service to your customers hence relatively fast compared to its competitors.

Mono Price Mini Delta


Mono Price Mini delta comes with software that lets users choose their levels of complexity and control when printing.

The machine is great for business use as it is simple and straightforward especially for those who are still learning how to use it well.


The Mono price mini delta adds a few new key features over its successor, even though it looks similar on the outside, but differing on the inside.

The printing speed for this machine is much faster as compared to their competitors hence most recommended for business use.

FAQs on 3D Printers to Buy

 Is it legal to sell 3d prints?

Yes. It is legal to sell your 3D Prints on any market platform including eBay, Amazon, and Etsy among other e-commerce websites.

What is the average cost of a business 3d printer?

If you consider different types of printers and their qualities across different stores and markets, you will find an average cost of $400.

Is a 3D printer a good investment?

Yes, a 3D printer is a worthy investment as it can offer a variety of printing servings that can earn you some money as a business person or save you the cash you could have used for print services in other places.

How much does it cost to start a 3d printing business?

Depending on the printer you choose, the setup cost for a printer business may range from $1000 to $10000.

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